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This was so enjoyable to do and I am glad many of you liked the posts I shared, and I did manage to sort some areas out like going through my emails and using any spare time to go through and unsubscribe from services I no longer need, but with half term and getting my next book finished it was a lot of work,but glad I was able to have a good sort through and lead me to new positive habits, like each Sunday I will plan what I want to wear in the week and getting the most out of my clothes. Clear my laptop and do have a printable to go up for the Autumn Reset, but been on a course and so couldn’t complete, but going to continue with it and upload, once ready and can still use it as I do a weekly reset, mainly on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays.

I want to do more projects and for Winter I am planning a Winter Wellness Project to give tips on Managing Your Life in the winter as I can often feel slumped because of the reduction of day light, and so this will be coming soon. I will say more next week.

It is all about looking at your mind, body and soul.

It is good to get my life together and remember I did film some videos on my Youtube channel, Typical London Gal Carrie Holmes.

Making gradual steps is what works for me and will help me set up new goals for myself and getting ready for the festive season and going to do some gift guides, but minimising my spending and remember that is not able cost but being with family and creating happy memories, and I know we are all feeling worried because of the prices on things are increasing, but you don’t need to spend a fortune in celebrating Christmas and forget the worries for one day and have friends and family bring food over so it is a joint effort and enjoy the festive cheer, without having to organize on your own, and ease the anxiety on the cost of things and not have a Christmas.

Life is not all about money it is more to do with time. If you make a gift or make a card with scrap paper with nice message is still a thoughtful gift and use what items you have in your possession unused that someone else would like. Doing a reset helps to see what ways you can change things in your life, and giving gifts can be one of them. Do a reset on money, can really help reduce spending and now I keep note again and check my account throughout the week and seeing what I can reduce, to save and invest in my life, of items that really mean something to me, such as clothing I like to wear all through the year and not just for the colder or summer season, and on skincare because I like to try different products and like to treatment me to some gift sets that will last all year and will save my money on festive drinks I like to have, like Advocate and Lemonade, which is called a Snowball.

Have what you like but save for those special occasions and have a back up fund, for those days you need an extra bit of cash, and one thing you can do to do a reset is to set a financial plan to budget and save for those items we want each year and any amount you can save do it.

I have limited myself to not spend money on coffees out and use my instant coffee. I now have a discount card on travel because I travel a lot to look after my son when he returns home from school, and if you are on Universal credit you can get money off on travelling on buses and trams.

I have begun limiting my spending on clothes, and buy what I need. like I live in Leggins most of the time because of be active with walking a lot and playing sports with my son, and so I replace them but limit myself on pairs, but enough that I can work continuously and make sure they wash well, as some can lose their shape.

So I am not going to get ready for the week ahead, and will blog again in a few days.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal