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Hello and welcome to another blog. I have filmed a new two videos on my main channel, so If you’d like to check them out then please do so via the links below:

Getting the most out of your days

Getting the most of your days as a city gal dealing with the daily rush

In this blog I am talking about Managing Anxieties during the summer. These are about what we should wear, not feeling confident in wearing a bikini, travelling, boundaries, Summer time habits and having the summer blues.

Photo by Hebert Santos on Pexels.com

It has taken a long time to get into the mindset where I am happy with myself and not putting myself down and would like to wear a bikini again, but I am going to shop around to find one that is suitable for me, and that is it. It is what you feel comfortable with, and I feel there is a stigma about being comfortable. This is because I have spoken about it too and that is getting out of your comfort zone, which can help, but it is balance. What will make you give a sense of “Yes I can do that” and “Yes I am worth this life”.

It is what makes you buzz about yourself, and I love my sense of style, and that is the first time I have ever said that, but it is true. I do feel comfortable in my own skin. What has made me finally feel like that? Making changes, and I don’t give myself a hard time over the fact that I don’t wear make up everyday and it has made a difference to my skin. I do get days where I want to and I will, but not all of the time. I look myself in the mirror, which is getting out of my comfort zone, because I avoided mirrors at one point, but now I do and I ain’t that bad.

I will divide this blog otherwise it will be too long. Having summer anxieties can effect us from enjoying the summer and then feel disappointed once its gone and think “Well I will make changes next year” but what if the next year doesn’t come? It for me has been a waste, in doing this. I obsessed about not being suntanned and tried tanning lotion, but would make me look patchy and so would then give myself a hard time over that. I now like my skin, because it is mine and now I will again look after my skin on my body, buy showering, using a scrub, treating myself to some nice showering gels and creams, and just giving myself some self love.

I know this may make you cringe but it honestly has made a difference. What one thing will make a difference to you? What items in my life currently makes me feel good, and what doesn’t? If it doesn’t make you feel good, get rid for an item that does. I have nothing against those who use tanning lotions if they make you feel good, they just didn’t work for me and it can cause aging sitting out in the sun all of the time so I do in moderation.

I hope these blogs and my videos help you and will be writing more as we continue working on ourselves, “The Summer Project 2022”.

I do write life coaching books on my amazon under the names Carrie Holmes and Carrie Challoner.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X