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Hello and welcome! This is blog number 27 and in this post I am talking about Addressing my faults and Being Happy for others

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This is someone who had many faults, I used to butt in when having a conversation. I do switch off which isn’t a fault as such but for some people it can be and why I didn’t continue to do driving lessons and have gotten jealous and begrudging. Being on the other side of that they are not good traits to have and once you are on the receiving end of such emotions how it can turn into something unworthy and anger from them, who do feel that way.

I see them also as bad habits and bad behaviour and its the question is, “Do you want people to be happy and living a dream and or unhappy?”

“Do you want anger from others as does it make you feel better when they are?”

Everyone deserves happiness weather you like them or not and I find its those that always complain and never satisfied and nothing pleases them.

“Do I want people to see me in this way?” Of course not. I want the world to be a better place and stop war if I could and end suffering.

I dont want to see anyone homeless or anyone being hurt where they ca’t defind themselves, who would want that?

There are people who are just unkind and always want you to see you fail and that makes me sad rather than anger cause it can spiral out of them being isolated and alone.

We all have fleurs but there are those that learn from it and those that don’t and feel they are always right all of the time and I am not afraid of saying that I am wromg and have in many ways but I still come out of it still standing and we will make mistakes and working on ourselves is important in being received by people for good and not bad. So setting boundaries and rules for yourself is the way.

Lets #BeKind and #BeSmart.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X