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It was a day to remember when I look back on my life when I decided to make life changes I knew I could stick to, and I never thought that I would ever win or be successful in anything as I spent a lot of time as a kid day dreaming and wanting to be in a different place.

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I would spend ours listening to music like my Dad did every Sunday and I do miss those days as it for summed up those times as not realising that this wasn’t gonna last for ever taken it in more.

As a child I was one of the smallest girls in the school and my son did play a part in my self confidence but you can’t help really in changing this and we are all different shapes and sizes.

What I enjoyed more was dancing as a kid and then later on it was football. I have always loved music and have songs that I still play depending on how I am feeling and brings back so many memories.

Being a child bought up in London, I am very much the city girl and I did lose my love for the city in which I was born and went down to the south coast to work and it was the best decision I made as I have some wonderful memories working there too. I would be out most evenings doing mainly split shifts but when I was put on a striaght shift from 8 to 4 it was brilliant and I would help in many different venues. I loved watching the circus they had on there.

I loved Clacton where I went to as a kid and it was always an ambition which I have spoken about before to work at a holiday camp and did. It is good to have these types of different things in your life as I have had a turbelent one sometimes but still packed for all good times and I loved going to the seaside to the British coast and often we don’t all get to see the english coast if working all year round.

So follow those dreams to create memories of your own.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X