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So we all want to be happy and have more but to do this you do have to look around to see what you have already got. So for me I spent two days looking after my son and he to me is everything and as much as he drives me up the wall he is the most important and same if I have anymore.

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I have a roof over my head and it isn’t mine so for me now is to working towards finding a place of my own.

I was married yet I wasn’t happy and I had to face it, so I did and some may not have been happy in me doing so but I wasn’t in that place anymore and wanted more, so for me it is to grow new relations and keep in contact with the important people still in my life and form new ones.

There was a time I found a new love outdoors and that was taking on fundraising events doing running and walking and looking back at the medals I received for doing these was massive for me and now ready once again to do more. I love that I do still exercise and walking in many various places.

When it comes to my life at the moment it is an 8 being that I want to move on from where I currently live as stated above, but looking ahead to begin a fresh start, I don’t want my eggs to be in one basket so want to do many things. I would like to work in Mental health and do my bit via blogs but do more and I would like to also work in music and on TV too.

So, continue going through my current life I know I have much more to give and so do you.

#Believeinyourself and it will happen.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X