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If you asked a group of people what to them what luxury is I bet you have a million to one different things and answers.

Winning the National lottery and becoming a millionaire. People flying business class and having dinner at the Ritz and being able to buy a Sports Car. Yet really it is anything you don’t often have and so because a luxury. Example having a piece of chocolate, as a kid it was having Snowball at Christmas and having a bike to cycle as a kid around my estate I used to live in Hammersmith.

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We can all have luxuries what ever that is to you. It for me a personal thing and has meaning by it.

In 2012 I treated along with my ex-husband booked a first class trip to Orlando Florida and it was a brilliant experience and nice to be on the other side for once. Now I have had that experience I would pay that money again to do it. It was worth the expense and so my focus is to eventually take my son over there and he and hopefull with other kids I may have, there. Along with other places too.

Often we can fear luxury items in case it doesn’t work out or because they get addicted yet Luxury means Luxurious and so the fear is the power of what can happen when it is something that changes for every and having luxury everyday counts. Its what gives us energy to continue and rewarding yourself.

So treat yourself and never fear or feel guilty and often people see what a great luxury it is to receive flowers from someone for example and so follow you.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X