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Hello so I am taking a break from my videos as I have done quite a few and don’t want to bombard you with with anymore and what to give you time to catch up. Here is a link to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg

When it comes to #mentalhealth there are different forms and I really do not get the Mentle health act, because I think for me that sounds like its some how wrong to have mental health issues, but why “Aren’t we allow to feel, think and be who we want to be”. We are not criminals we are people who find life often a struggle to many who seem to make their bed everyday, and go jogging with the inner voice telling you “No leave it until tomrrow” and have success over success,

The Scientific Underpinnings and Impacts of Shame - Scientific American

To me this is why people don’t want to talk about Mental Health because in some way we’re seen as Second Class Citizens and not worthy of happiness, when this is all we want. WE WANT TO BE HAPPY! Do you think we want to be completely depressed, do you really think we want to feel, that we aren’t worthy for feeling like we have no place in this world any more? Its about Support and being able to express ourselves and this is why I am supporting Mind,org to stop it being criminalised to have Mental Health issues.

I am on top of the world and haven’t felt so good in all of my life, as I can now say “I like me and I am happy to be me” and that is not hitting out on anyone its just I often found it hard to be me cause I struggled with self image, and all do is try to do the right thing and this then happens to be wrong. I have come out of the otherside in terms of Mental Health, and I am glad to now have the time to re-address my life more and keep forever building and that, is what it is all about.

So the different forms. You have BiPolar, Anxiety, Anxiousness, Depression and PTSD. They are the main ones, but they aren’t want you are born with, but because of a cause. Like a Trauma, a loss of someone and being continually told “You aren’t good enough”. It is a form of Mind Management, because with mental health once you learn about it, you know the triggers and the how to deal with certain events and emotions to manage it.

When it comes to feeling good in your mind that is what we want to achieve, when we want help and support with our Mental health, and there is those who just need to be away from their current surroundings and be heard. They want to know that there are people on their side, and so if you have a mental health problem. never allow it to hold you back and use it to make you stronger.

I am never going to stop living as we all have a right to live and breath. So, make a promise to yourself today, and you can do this by writing a Personal Profile,, a mission statement about yourself or a letter to yourself. I wrote down some rules for myself, that I wasn’t going to allow anyone to stop me from living, stop me from doing good things for people and being happy and in love.

There is a law in Mental health, in that it should never be challenged, yet it still is, and so I do think the laws in terms of mental health should be changed.

I am someone who is particular about who I will talk to and who I won’t and I am never disrespectful, its that I do hold my guard up at times, for protection and to never get into someone especially with mental health problmes in their personal space because that is what they fear, the most and I do. Being bullied has been part of that and so, I will often wait until someone talks to me, as I am someone who often does want to be out of the way, but not isolated, but to allow other people space and myself and if people want to talk to you they will.

I never ignore anyone, I acknowledge as this like me is important as I myself do not like it when someone knows you are there but they pretend your not, and found it hard with my ex-husband when he would bump into someone he worked with and like at the beginning he would introduce me, and then stopped but would introduce my little boy, which was good, but it was like “Hello I’m here too” and you know when that starts it is a sign that, perhaps either work this out which I did as I, often go straight to “Oh well it must be me” and no.

I don’t blame him at all, and I would like to think he feels the same, it just makes you see when you address it without getting angry like before, you in mind have learned to help your mental health and see things without shouting or crying. So #letsworktogether and lets help support and raise awareness of mental health.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X