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There is a brilliant film called Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston, who works for an advertising agency and is a Single Woman who wants promotion and comes up with a good advertising slogan for some mustard and gets told when she thinks she will get promoted and gets to help Manage the compaign finds out she won’t and as the Manager of the agency tells her, she has to “Dress for the job she wants”. Is this true? Would this really happen?

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Watch this video below about Working and How Employees employ by first impressions:

So when I begin to do TV work I will be wearing more tailored and will be making more of an effort, but I do like to still look presentable at times when doing my work at home too. With Content Creator a lot of the work is off the cuff and doesn’t really matter but in the week I do like to be bit more presentable and I do tend to dress for the whatever type of area in terms of work may be.

When I worked for a contact centre for example I had to where professional office gear and they did have rules of what you could and couldn’t wear, like anything that exposed the shoulders, not too short a skirt, clothes were ironed and you looked presentable as they would often have clients visiting the centre.

Yes Fridays we were allowed to wear our jeans but we still couldn’t go in too scruffy, and not have holes in shirts or tights. You still had to set a kind of good standard with the call floor you worked on. When I worked at a Holiday camp I would wear uniform but again it had to be clean, good personal hygiene and make sure hair was put up out of the way and sometimes had to wear hairnet, and then at night as I would go into the venues in going out evening etire. Now, it wasn’t so strict but I liked after slaving away working within the restaurants dressing up and it did impress the guest because even though you weren’t working you were still expected to keep the camps good reputation and keep a certain standard, as you are still representing the camp.

Now not everyone knew that I worked there, but then people did and I loved just having a good time after I had worked a split shift normally and it was time to let me hair down without making a disgrace of myself.

It became the life I loved, and I came to love it and it was the place I knew I needed to be. So in thinking of this, yes you do have to dress going on the work, as working in a restaurant you do have to look smart, professional and ready to great guests into a restaurant and be polite always and look confident.

When going to a job interview, it is always good to look smart and clean with a shaved face at times, depending on the job, but not like you have just got out of bed. Employers want to see that you are clean and if their first impression is not good then their clients will feel the same which can then effect a business. so when it comes to employment yes you should dress for the job you want. Many retailers want to see that you are someone who is fashionable if it is a clothes shop, and you shop in their store if it is well known or chain store, and that you do look at trends, by dressing in some of their items by that first impressiion they see of you.

So, I hope that has helped you should you be looking for a new job it is your first job, then good luck.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X