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So the saints of the world. Well there have been so many in our world that it is hard to pinpoint one that stands out, as they have all be saints of their own. That is Saint George and I thought it was in May but no just checked I missed it, it was 23rd of April and I will gonna do a whole decorating thing, but no missed it once again. I even bought fleece of the occasion, but no bother I will wear my St Georges attire tomorrow.

Then there is St Patrick, St Davids and the pop group All Saints. So who are now the Saints of this world, now we are in another century and another decade and another year?

  • Warriors

So, the warriors, the kids and adults who have made a different to this world, example Micheal Jackson. Now I know people may quiz this but honestly he is not a Sex Offender at all, and in fact the total opposite. He changed music and bought the music of the 80’s and 90’s to a whole different level and I trusted him with my life and this is from someone who knew of kids being abused and he was not that.

He used his fame to look after the world and kids, yet the price of fame lead him to his death as he was set upon and made into a monster which was not true. When a guy of him relm come along there are always those who want a slice of the cake and that is what happened.

Micheal, loved music and that was something that he knew could help him in his position to change the world, but often like Jesus they can put on trial for doing so. He was being used and drugged cause people around him pretended to love when they didn’t. I can identify myself with Micheal as this happened to me. I would never abuse or bully anyone, and isn’t in my vocabulary. Yet cause of people pretending to be on his side, made him into an enemie because jealousy and resentment.

He struggled with self image, and people were like, why? He is famous how can he have problems with the way he looks? Cause like many the image we see in our heads is not always what we see in he mirror, and he did have a generic skin condtion which effected his confidence.

To me though, I want to celebrate the art he created and he was a one off, as he made music into being cool when Disco, Mowtown and soul were seen old fashioned. He put music and started he 80’s and is why it is one of the most celebrated decades of music, on the map. Even now the the video Thriller is the top videos of music videos of all time.

  • Survivor

So that leads me to the next one. A Survivor. To me that makes me think of the people who Survived the disasters like Hillsborough, as this changed the world of football, and how matches were managed, and seeing this disaster unfold, I was in total shock afterwards, and made me feel fear like nothing before. I feel in some way an imposter for saying that because “I wasn’t there” but I knew that possibly my cousin had gone to the game, and I said to my mum to call my Aunty to check, but it was fine he wasn’t and it was one that will always be gut wrenching.

The supporters who were the saviours of that day, then were accused of killing other supporters, yet they were the heros. I am now working with the Police and on that particular day the Police failed them, as when they tried to get out of the massive surge of fan, the Police kept sending them back in. I think of the survivors, who have had to fight truth and nail, cause as the day carried on, it was obvious that there was a massive cover up. That some of the supporters (Liverpool) were drunk, that there had been fights breaking out, and that they falsed a gate open.

Being a Liverpool fan myself, which it has been one of the teams I have supported, and meeting Liverpool fans they would have never done that, it was because the Police weren’t checking tickets and as football crowds do they follow and if they aren’t to, “Go into the other Pens” they went to the first place to watch the game, not realising that there were a packed full of supporters already in there.

From seeing this unfold. I honour Liverpool FC and Everton on how they carried themselves and the game against Everton, I couldn’t watch and I remember turning as I was my living room, to go in my room. I have no idea of how they must have felt, yet they were the ones (the supporters) in trying to save the people who died and injured lives. THEY WERE NEVER CRIMINALS AGAINST THEIR OWN SUPPORTERS IN WAS A POLICE ERROR AND YES GROUND!

  • Inspirational

When I think of Inspirational I think of my friend Kelly who I knew from Peabody and people like Oprah Winfrey. She changed a chat show to a talk show. You think they are the same but no they are not. When I think of chat, i think two people having a natter but often you talking at someone, and I like it when I am talked too. She would talk through the audience to the people on her show. She never hid about problems with her weight and dieting, she was someone who didn’t have a good childhood, but it never stopped her, and became a household name, not just in America but all over the world.

I think of the Queen, especially now, as it goes to show that they are a famous family and she is a real Queen, yet like other families there are problems within it and she has to some how keep it together, and its never out of he public eye. If it were me I know I would be like I am not getting out of bed today, but she has to. That’s how people see it and its the attitude of people saying “Well she is the Queen so what does she expect”. Without seeing she is still a human being, and still bleeds like we all do, and yet has always put on a public appearance.

Anita Dobson I think of too. She put the pub landlady on the map as the pub world even when Eastenders came on our screens was seen as “A mans world” and they turned heads Anita the guy who played Dirty Den, by bringing London life into play. She was he first from the land of the soap to be on Top of the Pops, singing the theme of Eastenders.

I can not walk away without mentioning Cannon and Ball. They are to me Saints of the Double Act world. They have the best double act tune, and I loved The two ronnies and Morecambe and Wise but I was and am a massive Cannon and Ball Fan. Having been someone who hated school knowing they would be on the TV on Saturday made my school days bareable and I would feel so sad when their series would end. I, would say in terms of school Miss Conley was the Saints of Saint Pauls. who would want to walk out by 2pm some days, as yes it was that bad, and she would swear but was one of the fair few teachers who all pupils respected and could relate to, cause she felt like we did, that school was the last place you’d want to be in this world.

So who do you class as saints, going in these things I would love to hear.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X