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I am creating a new Online Course and it will be my first Life coaching course and within it I am putting together some videos, EBooks and blogs about Career Building. Check out this video below of an example of the videos I am putting together:

When it comes to a career you may be going from one job to another, but not finding the one you truly want. I did temping work whilst I looked for Holiday Camp jobs and tried two years on the trot, Butlins, Haven and Pontins, who are under Bourne Leisure, and finally got a job working at the Holiday camp in bognor regis, and I am going to be working at the one in clacton I used to go to as a kid, either this year, depending on COVID or next year.

It is good to spend time just looking through vacancies and what experience and skills you need, and then jotting down the skills and experience you have to see what else you may need to finally get a job within your ideal secter.

Always accept the interview if this is offered, so you can see if that position you have found it what you want to do, and to get to know the employer as well as the job they are offering, to interview them too. Never ask about Pay as yes it is important to get paid, but if it is a career then it not really about the cash its what you are going to get from it and what they are going to get from you as the employee.

A lot of office type jobs and jobs on Holiday camps want to see if you are willing sometimes to work in other departments and basically earn the money you are getting. The time to ask about pay is when you get offered the job, and yes being underpaid is important, but you learn this at the interview without asking, as the question to ask, to find this out without asking about pay, “What is the turnover within the company?” and they will ask you when applying for a job, of “What your current Salary is?”.

Make sure you make an effort if it is a face to face interview in terms of clothes, never chew gum or be eating during an interview even if it is a telephone interview, write notes of what you want to find out down before the interview and let them speak and listen, but you can go through what they’ve said so they know you have listened and never interrupt, and do some research of the company, like checking the details you already have and by their website, if they have one.

I today did another video about Finding work on my Youtube channel so go and check the out if you would like to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDFIqjVKLy7NhtcR6Hy0Tg/

Many thanks for watching,

Carrie L.M X