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I have been a lot about the POSITIIVITY AND CHANGE YOUR MINDSET but what should you be grateful for when nothing sees to be going your way?

I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Please feel free to rip my head off for  no reason. | Work humor, Call center humor, Ecards funny

Lets cut to the chase. You will always gonna have shit days. I know it hits me but that is it in a nutshell, and I suppose the question next is, Well whats the point of wanting to change my life then?

It is looking at the things that bring you joy like Marie Kondo says, and is like a plaster of life. He is what you can do to make it better to be grateful of friends and the outside world.

Well its do you want more better days rather than those days where you wish you could start again? #letssayittogether YES!

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You can never control certain days and events that happen, like someone in the family getting sick and as parent do clean up pooh explosions, but we can make it better by giving ourselves time to view, address and reflect, and doing something like Self Care, which includes self development. This lighting a scented candel with a scent you love, with some chill out music.

Have an unplanned meal. Meal plans are good as I used to do this, but it is good to have a free choice meal day, for example and you do something not planned making meal time, even if the most of the day has been bad, good in the end.

This is where keeping a journal is good as this helps to view, address and reflect on those days and how you can learn from those days whenever they happen.

We can not control when a child or the whole family get sick all in one go, however much you sanitize and keep bad bacteria at bay, but will have a movie on or all go to bed early some days. Whenever I had a bad day when I was with him, I would go to bed when he did and often watch TV in bed together.

When I did this I would feel a lot better the next day and the thought “Well I got through that day and did I die?”, if you are reading this email after a bad day, then the answer is NO.

Set a date with yourself to take time out doing something different if you don’t often get to go out on your own. This can be meeting and going for a coffee with friend for lunch or going out in the evening, there is a drink with my name of on it mode, and go for that end of the week drink.

I loved it one time when on Fridays I would work up London, after a long week go to a bar afterwards and dance, sing on Karoake and paint the town red.

When the theatres open again, go and see a show, I love doing this, even if it is once or twice a year, even if it is a outdoor show, go and see it. Book that show, book a meal and take yourself out of the normal rushing week, and enjoy. I love seeing shows and I would recommend the Tina Turner Story show, Bat out of Hell and Chicago. I would go see these again, and even seen the stage show of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Soon I will be working on some shows too in London at my favourite venues, Live at the Apollo and at the London Palladium and Hard Rock calling.

Remember those days where it is not going our way, that they won’t last long and there are still good days on the horizon. They always pass and take time to exhale and be with yourself to gather your thoughts and set a date to have a TV evening. I would often do this, Saturdays were mine as a kid and would watch endless shows, and Sundays would be seeing our friends in Fulham and Chelsea. It is good to see different; people some weeks, as we often just need a change of scene.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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