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So if you didn’t read my previous post then you wouldn’t know that I didn’t have a good day yesterday, and was very fed up, and I never want to hide behind it, making out my life is full of red roses and making out I am on top of the world.

Today started of brilliantly but then was stitched up trying to buy items in Marks and Spencers.

If you have a bad day then there are some positive things that can help you through it, so here are ten ways to live a more positive life:

  1. Practice and act of kindness, so I am fundraising this year like I do every year to raise money towards good causes, and you can too. My chosen charity this year is Tommy’s who raise money to carry research on Still births and premature births. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/theparentingadventuresprematurebirths This can be anything to even buying the Big Issue as they are sold to those who are homeless and trying to turn their lives around to living on the streets in England.
  2. Write, even if it is a song, just get a notepad and begin. I write everyday as it relaxes me and I get lost in it to the point I don’t worry about anything else around me, especially when I do my other love, playing music whilst I work. This has become my kind of meditation and stick with it if it helps you.
  3. Cook a favourite meal that relaxes you and gives you comfort. I believed like many from diet experts, that you shouldn’t comfort eat, but I disagree, as it is always so nice to have a meal that is like a great big hug on a plate or in a bowl.
  4. Walk the cobwebs away. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, stressed or bogged down this always helps and getting well earned fresh air is the best medicine for me, and I did just that today, after the fiasco I had in M&S.
  5. Look after your skin. This time of year I often get chapped skin on my hands and to the point they can be very sore, but because I have been using many creams and oils, it has stopped this, and I do feel better about myself that I don’t need to worry about this now.
  6. Read a book a day. I love reading, but I do take a break from this, because when I do read I can read books one after the other and need that break to read more books and again helps me escape reality for a bit.
  7. Set a week of goals to achieve and for each day, even if it is to have an extra hours of sleep, it is still a goal and sometimes you do need extra time to rest and recuperate.
  8. Volunteer. I suppose this could be the same as number one, but I wanted to include this specifically as it can be so rewarding even if it is working in a Charity shop for a few hours. I helped out in a Football Festival and was marking down the scores of each match and I loved it. Now I know we are in lockdown again, but some shops do still appear to be open, so slightly confused, but you can even set up a Youtube channel to do a act of kindness by reading a story and like the guy who has an Instagram account called the Body Coach did, to help people to get fit.
  9. Develop a project that you have always wanted to do, and it can be to set up a website or an online course, just anything that has a purpose to you and to others.
  10. Have a penfriend. I had 3 to 4 penfriends at one time. One was a woman whom I met when visiting my Uncle Tony who was in a disabled home, and she loved Bon Jovi and knew of the songs like me too, and I loved her as soon as I met her, as she was so full of life and was so happy, that it opened my eyes that no matter what your problem may be you can still be happy and nothing should stop you. I sent her some Bon Jovi posters because she had trouble getting to them as they were downstairs in her local store, and it had no lift or anything so I bought some to send to her. I had another whom I met whilst on holiday in Devon, and a couple of girls who went to Grey Coats my secondary school and left to go abroad and another who I got in contact with through a rock magazine called Kerrang.

Being happy is hard to come by when for so long you haven’t felt good about yourself like I have, but making positive changes to your life, can make all the difference.

So Stay safe and strong, and remember never allow anyone stop you from having a more happier and positive life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X