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As I am writing this blog post I am listening to Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr song called Me and My Shadow and boy is it uplifting, just what you need when is the start of another week, and has been a slow start to the day.

Music has been my life and whatever I have been feeling it has put me back on top of the world. I find with music there are some songs that feel like they speaking to me, as often I will play music on how I am feeling, and reflect on my life, passed, present and the future.

When there are days where I feel is a struggle I will put some tunes on my phone whether it be swing, 30’s-60’s music and it literally it empowers me no end, and I don’t know what my life would be like if there was no music.

My influence in music stems from my dad, as he would always play his records, usually a Sunday morning before he went to the pub in Chelsea and we would then meet him there later on in the day.

When we go camping, we would go to this country pub and there would be a massive jukebox and I would play music nonstop and sit by it and sing my lungs out.

The amount of records my dad had, he could have owned a music store, because he had so many from Diana Ross to Pavarotti, it was endless, and listening to my music now as I write this blog helps me keep in contact with my dad, even though he has passed on, it was what kept me and my dad close and has kept his memory alive.

Music brings people together and has helped along with sport, raise money for charity and without music, we would have never known about Bob Geldof, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, The Rap Pack, The Three Tenors or Tom Jones.

So if you are having a day where you don’t feel so good, if you need a lift of empowerment then play that music that makes you smile whilst you do your housework, pot around in the garden or working like I am on the computer, as it can really help life your spirits.

Stay safe everyone, and thank you to those that have followed me on this site it really means a lot.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X