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Let’s face it we all get tired, and it can really drag us down when we feel like our eyes are on the floor. Being productive when you are tired is like playing tennis when your arms are tide up and can’t hit a ball to save our life.

This week I have felt wiped out, that some days I have had to kip during the day whilst my son took part in a School Sports club, and was too tired to do anything else.

You can however still be productive, you just have to do it, at a slower pace and rather doing a load of items on our todo lists, just do one. After all every little bit counts, and when you have more energy then you can do more.

On this site I write alot about being successful, but we aren’t robots, we need sleep, even if it is for a few hours here and there, WE ALL GET BLOODY TIRED, and when we do we must listen to our bodies.

To be successful you have to be awake, as I find when I am super tired, my creativity goes, my enthusiasm is tiny and I just want to hibernate until I come fully alive again.

Productivity isn’t all to do with work, but also adding in rest time and chill time, it isn’t all about rushing around doing job to job, we all need time to rewind and reset ourselves.

We aren’t robots, even though I wish I could hire a robot from time to time as things like wiping my sons bottom isn’t much fun. Don’t get me wrong I love being a parent, but there are jobs I don’t like and that is wiping my son bum when, and I am sorry if this puts you off your dinner, but does a pooh.

I think if we could own a machine that automatically wipes the pooh away from our children, it would sell out in an instant.

Life isn’t about jamming everything in, but doing what you can and making little changes, rather than big ones.

I hope you all have a good weekend, and please remember to follow me on WordPress.com to be kept up to date with my posts.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X