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Sometimes in order to get things done and to enjoy life as it is, being ruthless in 2020 is what you need to do.

Life is full of hurdles and obstacles, and instead of avoiding them, facing them head on is the way to deal with them and build yourself to be the success you want to be.

If there is a course or subject you wanted to learn that will help you towards your goal, then do it and envision yourself doing the things you have always wanted to learn about, that will help you to succeed in whatever field you choose.

Ignore the critics, they are often just doing this because they feel threatened by your confidence and are being envious that they haven’t got the guts you have.

Never feel that there isn’t enough success to go around because there is, that is how we have millionaires like Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Tony Robbins, Grand Cardone etc, and learning from these guys can teach you how by doing little changes to your pattern in life, can change your outlook and see that you too can have a nice car, property, the love of your life and free time to whatever you want.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. I knew for example as a kid that I wanted to win the cup at my dancing school for having the highest marks. It took a lot of lessons and time to perfect my dancing which was ballroom, latin and disco dancing, and in doing so I finally as it was my last exam in the child’s section won the kids highest marks trophy and the year after being classed as an adult competitor, won the cup, the one I had wanted as soon I saw it, for the highest marks.

This meant I had beaten the children and all the adults by having the highest scores.

I knew that in order for me to get my dancing to top level, I had to stop the nerves I felt when I took my exams to pass so I could focus on getting every dance and step right. It didn’t happen overnight it took time, but I made sure I went to every class on Saturday morning I created the vision, going through my head the routines and practicing at home, and I did it, I won the cup.

So don’t sit back and be ruthless with yourself, set those goals and ambitions and be the best person you have ever wanted to be.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X