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Hi all, it is Sunday a day of rest hence why I am posting my blogs now.

Having a good work routine to help build a business is an essential part of how you grow a business.

It is about commitment, scheduling it around my son who is at his dads, so got some extra spare time, which I always use wisely now, and being organized.

My work routine begins at about 5am, the latest I allow myself to get up is 7am.

I will do an hours work, go back to bed and then do some more.

Running a blogs site is tough so it is important for me to have a regular routine each day and don’t waste any time don’t allow myself to get overwhelmed.

I check  my block schedule, which you will find on Support Network page and you can download, plus my week to a day planner to see what I have scheduled to get done and it has a To do list aswell.

At the moment this seems to be working a treat, however if you find it doesn’t it is time to change the routine and schedule so it does work.

Here is a my blog schedule template:

blog schedule template

Make sure you have breaks in between so you don’t suffer with burn out. I will usually take 3-4 breaks throughout my day.

I feel I have to in order to keep my work consistent and forever flowing.

Plus it keeps my viewers interested aswell and are told when to expect a blogpost.

My evenings I use now and spend the last hour of the night doing research for the next day’s post and listen to an audio book or music.

Having time wind down is a must for me to prepare me for bed.

Part of being able to run a business you have to awake and so a good nights sleep is enough.

So lets keep safe and get on with your day as much as possible.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X