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Free People Standing Together Silhouette, Download Free Clip Art ...Hello and welcome to today’s blog. In today’s post I am sharing How to build a fantastic team, as being a entrepreneur, life and football coach and even being a mum, you have to have a good team behind you, that you can work with.

Sorry for the cliche but there is no I in team, and it is about working together, not as individuals.

Everyone should pull their weight if not then they shouldn’t be in that particular job or they may need some further training.

When I worked at a Holiday Resort I would do 5 to 6 jobs before I did my actual job which was Trolley Running, because in order to keep a restaurant running sufficiently it has to be cleaned and set up ready for the guests to arrive for their morning and afternoon meal.

As soon as one person didn’t pull their weight it affected the team morale making others not bothered either.

You know if you have a good team because they will be smiling not miserable.

Low morale in a company can cause damage to a companies reputation, especially if they see a Manager shouting or talking down to an employee.

It is all about respect and working as one, and when everyone works well together it is a bonus and a team to be extremely proud of.

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Carrie X