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Life has been pretty tough for me this year or so but I know there will be new things on the horizon for me and I have to make confessions of the heart.

I am loving life at the moment because I have found true love in writing, meeting new people and there is a new career on the horizon for me, which I am keeping quiet about for the time being.

It has been a massive transition change, my marriage has gone down hill and I feel a little bitten by it, but I know I will survive.

Another job fell through but life is about what is handed out to you and how you overcome these moments in your life.

I will be strong and continue to fight, not planning so much now but taking little steps and continuing my daily habits as talked about, setting daily goals and getting regular exercise in walking on a daily basis.

Life is full of challenges and I have to accept that I am not always going to be mentally stable, I suffer with anxiety and depression, and they can be hard to overcome each day with the many challenges that I am faced with.

There have been times where I have incurred debt and not having financial stability but I know once I get better with these mental illnesses I will be able to take on the new adventures that arrive to deal with these hurdles too, as I have done so in the passed.

With the COVID 19 virus it has been a bit suffocating but getting through it with doing different things each day. Catching up on well earned TV which I haven’t done in ages, so those sorts of things I am concentrating on, with building my audience through new blogsites has been my savior.

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