First all I hope you are having if possible due to the coronovirus, are having a reasonable easter. I did and I not going to get into too much detail but I was picked up by the Police as they thought I was at the wrong address but I wasn’t.

I am now having to take a new medication due to my depression and anxiety and so don’t feel like I am being a slob due to the fact I am still in my pJ’s I just found this new medication to be really strong, but I don’t see that my life has gone down hill I see it as it has gone up, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been feeling suicidal not gonna lie and it can be a day to day battle with myself continuously, seeing people die of this virus is what is keeping myself at bay.

I wrote a blog about Suicidal on my related site:

People say it is selfish and attention seeking, but it isn’t. It is a terrible feeling of isolation, thinking you don’t belong and unwanted by people.

You can come out of it though by doing something still incorporating abundance in your life and keep going.

Create conference or Skype call with friends, and if you have what I do home help where by I have Keyworker who visits, speak to them with a love one so they can get to know what to do should you have a break out of depression and anxiety. They are there to help.

So if you do feel worthless, look around you as you will see that Life is worth living. If you have negative people in your life then I have written a blog on my related site to this one about Dealing with Negative people.

Please check out my last weeks blog newsletter wishing you a happy easter!

So I hope we all can get through this week and the effects of the coronovirus begins to reduce so we can all return to normal.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X