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Hi all it is another day and with the Coronavirus hitting many it is no wonders we have hit a crisis situation, but we can still create daily rituals to create success by following these strategies:

  1. Have breakfast, it really does set you up for the day
  2. Set an alarm mine is always 6;30AM and I get up between 7 to 7:30AM
  3. Go for a walk and work outside the home if you work from home, and spend some time with nature if you can otherwise sit and read a good book about nature
  4. One cup of the day. I wouldn’t live without my tea or coffee and is my go to drink each morning
  5. Do some writing even if it is writing in a journal or a book, I find it really helps clear out my head and get creative

So what rituals do you follow I would love to hear from you. You can comment below

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