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I am about to embark on hopefully a new chapter, as tomorrow I have a job interview for a nursery in Guildford. Preparing for a new chapter can be a risk, but exciting at the same time.

I no longer want take calls from unhappy customers anymore, I’m done with that, and now want to help with my knowledge of looking after children throughout my life and from working in childcare for about a year, now want to enhance my skills and work on a more regular basis.

Today I was preparing myself for my interview, here’s what I think will help you too:

  • Make sure you do your homework about the company
  • Take some form of ID and if you work  in childcare remember your DBS and check if you received confirmation from the company about the interview, if they have provided details of what you need to bring with you
  • Check travel arrangements and direction 
  • Plan ahead, check any travel disruptions or traffic delays if you drive
  • Make sure you take down the company address, telephone number and email address, in case you are delayed or need to rearrange, plus will help you find where it is you need to go
  • Begin to plan what you are going to wear, and make sure you are smart, and you stand out
  • Don’t over do it with perfumes and deodorants, especially if you are going to be working with children, as they may be allergic and super sensitive to these strong smells
  • At the same time, do be hygienic, make sure you wash your hands if you go to the toilet and do shower or take a bath either the night before or the morning
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and tidy, creased free
  • In this day and age it is important that you make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, but put your phone on silent or switched off if possible during the interview
  • Trim nails especially if working in childcare
  • Go over Interview questions and answers. I found some really good ones via the website: https://www.themuse.com/advice/how-to-answer-the-31-most-common-interview-questions
  • Pack your bag the day or night before, especially if you have an interview in the morning, and like me have to do the school run before hand. Helps with stress levels and the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around, because if you are nervous this is only going to make things worse
  • Go over the company information and the interview questions and answers to help prepare you as you get closet to the time. I am gonna do this whilst I commute, will help use up the time and stop me from getting apprehensive and I will also be taking a deep breath in through the nose out through the mouth, and close my mind
  • This will help lead you to switch off for a few moments to help keep yourself calm, listen to music, read or just practice mindfulness.
  • Lastly I wish you good luck

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I really hope that this will be a new start and another great path that I am about to lead on, and if you are too about to embark on a new chapter then:

“Take the Bull by the Horns and go for it, you never know what is on the other side if you don’t bother trying”.

Many thanks for reading, 


Carrie X 

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