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Setting goals for me is crucial and is what keeps me going, it what helps me live my dreams and reach the goals I wish to achieve.

My dreams are what keep me alive and to be the best person I can be. I know I will make mistakes as I go and grow, but I am always looking to build on myself and make changes where I know will help me towards my dreams.

This year I want to get back to walking a lot and so far by measuring my steps each day I have started to do that.

My fitness is important to me and getting disciplined again with my fitness is crucial as I not long ago got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

I want to save money and stop those impulse buys and having NO BUY days are really helping, and only spending on what I need, not on items I want all the time.

Achieving my goals this year I am not going to deprive myself, but limit it and learn from my past principles that have helped me to move forward and to make changes that have made a huge difference to my life.

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Quote from: https://www.success.com/19-powerful-quotes-to-inspire-greatness/

Dreams are dreams, and they live in your mind and you think of them when you least expect it, but you know they are there, so what is wrong with following your dreams?

My ultimate dream is to be a blog writer full time, there I have said it. I still working on it, but I won’t stop wanting that dream, and so I will still aim for it, I just know I need to put in the hours and time, and hopefully it will happen.

Nothing, no one can stop you from dreaming, but you can stop believing, which you have to build on and get rid of the negative and think of the positive as much as you can.

So lets dream big for 2019 and lets get those goals ticked off.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie X