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Last Friday I met up with my friends and all was going well, I was telling them about my husband work, and suddenly I felt self conscious, I no idea why, and I began to feel myself stutter and struggling with words.

I have talked about Social Anxiety before in a Christmas blog, check it out in link below:

Social anxiety at Christmas

I suddenly felt aware that I was talking and being looked at whilst I spoke, which is perfectly normal but suddenly felt self conscious and started feeling paranoid because I was worried in case my friends were laughing at me.

This has happened before many times and it has been picked up on by people too, and I suddenly feel mortified and embarrassed, wanting the ground to swallow me up.

Has anyone else had this happen?

What I did after then was kept quiet and listened to my friends speak, and then once I pulled myself together than began to talk some more.

It just feels like someone grabbing my words and muddled them all up in my brain and I have no control over it.

Having social anxiety does really knock my confidence, but I tried to bounce back from those feelings as much as I can, but find they can haunt me now then.

There was a time where I didn’t have those feelings, and came out of shell more, and think was due to atmosphere. I try to think of those times when I felt fully confident and try to be the same person, but I struggle now.

I think I have struggled more as I have gotten older.

Do you suffer from social anxiety?

How do you try to control it?

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X