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Life is about living and having the most amazing time. I never thought I would ever run it was alien to me. I would watch others and think “I wish I had the confidence to do that” and when living in the South Coast and working and met my now husband I had put a lot of weight on. This was due to one of the side effects being on the contraception pill (birth control) and I didn’t like how I looked, so I stop taken The Pill and the weight poured off me.

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Now I am not saying not to take Contraception and there are other pills out there but because of the side effects I was fearful. Do what is right for you, some women don’t get any side effects. Always speak to your GP, but then I also wanted to run, and so I did. The other side effects is that it can make your legs ache, so I got up off my backside and exercised and reduced me portions.

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If you don’t start to work towards your dreams then they won’t come true, but if you begin to realise you want a different life then write down what you want to see in your life. I wanted to work at a football club when I left school and using the Yellow pages wrote to all the football clubs in London to find work, ones that had an address and telephone number in the yellow pages which was a large yellowy book with addresses of companies along with other details.. I talk about this in a new video I filmed for my Educational Youtube channel of this story. Check out: https://www.youtube.com/@carrieseducationyoutubecha4891 this video will be up by end of the week, and I got an interview at Chelsea Football club for a Junior Receptionist and then someone at Fulham Football club called me and asked if I’d like to do some Stewarding and if I was able to work the next day, and it lead me to doing work experience with the Groundsman. I have mentioned this before, but I like sharing it because it was amazing and then I found some work up London and so had to give it up, but then still wanting to be involved in football I did my Level 1 Football Coaching qualification, as I wanted to be a coach, and assisted for a bit and then went onto coach my own team, it yes it was challenging but was so good to do.

You have to go for it and never limit yourself. Try not to hold yourself back by thinking it is impossible to reach your dreams and goals. Write your dreams down and circle the ones you want to focus on first.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have your dreams come true but be determined and persistent.

Set a goal a day if you don’t want to do whole list, and make them reachable. You can’t climb Mount Everest without walking at all. You need strength and stamina. That isn’t saying you can’t do it, I will leave that up to you, but creating little steps will make you strong and resilient to those who may challenge you on your dreams.

I have found as I continue to reach my dreams and goals that other things fit into place, example when I was looking to do volunteer work, helping with the Sports Awards for Epsom and Ewell, and at the time was also working in a call centre, this lead me into asking about football coaching and asked the lady in charge of the awards knew of she knew anyone locally needed a football coach. They then put me in touch with a lady who was the Co-ordinator and coached a girls team, but then my step dads brother was a football coaching asked me I’d like to help him and this lead me to having my own team. I as a kid wanted to work at a holiday camp, and gave myself two years and it was a different world to what I imagined but lead into getting married and it was amazing. I didn’t continue on and I never became a red coat which was the ultimate dream, but still such a good experience, and made a lots of friends, who I do still keep in contact with today, and there are still things I want to do.

Always wanted to be a mum, fly first class and go away to America, and did. So make it happen. Life should be about what makes you feel good and not allowing your fears and you self doubt stop you. Set goals and dreams with friends and family, you don’t have to do it alone and it can inspire those close to follow their dreams and goals.

Create a vision board, journal and set a plan to help you. Go through the hurdles you may face, but really vision it and what the outcome will be.

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