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As humans we are always growing and as we go through life with each age and milestones our view on life and the world can change. I now see that life is to be worshipped and enjoyed rather than dreaded and resented because someone is doing better than you and wishing our life away. Worrying we aren’t meeting other peoples expectations of us and that life is hard all the time.

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As a kid I couldn’t wait to be an adult as it meant that I can do my own thing and make my own choices but you can do that as a child too. As a kid it was seen by many that Children don’t know their own minds but yes they do, and I think we underestimate our children and what they are capable of, and my son is so technically savvy that he could control a cashier desk without needing to be shown, because he just naturally savvy when it comes to electronics and so I have to watch him to be able to be technically savvy myself. When we play he will tell me where to stand and give me direction and correct me if I say something wrong, like if I say pants when he is wearing shorts, will say “No they are’t pants they are shorts, don’t do it again”.

I see that with kids they take tiny steps, like they will tempt to roll over several times before they can do it and then will begin to pull themselves up on all fours and then try and crawl. Some kids can go from being on fours to walking skipping the crawling but it will as they develop take time and we should never rush them but give space for our kids to grow to help us grow too. I think as adults we feel pressure to do so many things at once and then wonder why we have no energy and depriving ourselves from luxury as our family grows. Never neglect your own wellbeing and growth, so we can be good role model to others, like our kids and ask for help if you are finding things a struggle. Often we feel like, there is nothing to worry about, but it is if you can’t face the days ahead and you begin to have a break down.

Allow some time to relax and give yourself some space. Take on other peoples help, like other mums who have experience and meet or facetime and get tips and advice. I write a parenting blog if you’d like to check it out: https://theparentingadventurestipsandtricks.com

So I am now all about taking my time. I have to take little breaks and find it hard to concentrate if I don’t. It is all about taking your time and breaking your to do’s down and allocate days to get things done and if things are getting too much then to keep growing, rein yourself in, reflect and then make changes as you continue to grow.

It is good to have a good foundation around you that can help you grow but you have to do it for yourself too. You are on this planet for a reason so spend time to find out what it is. Look at what areas are you happy with in your life and what you are not happy with and take action to change so they become something you do like.

I don’t like tidying so I will do as the first thing when I get up, this helps to kick the day off and I make sure that the things I need daily are easily accessible and use waiting time, Example:I will when waiting for a bus or train to go through my emails rather than avoid them and is an area I have to change, so made it my goal to check my emails everyday and unsubscribe if there are ones from companies that no longer serve any purpose to me, and help reduce my emails, so they are manageable and I stop me from feeling overwhelmed.

My son is never overwhelmed and wants to be doing something in the days otherwise he start to muck about and he helps keep me fit and active by playing sports or when he is watching his tablet will push me away and want to be in his on space and I respect that.

I have learned a lot about how my actions are when it comes to my son and if he asks me to put my phone down I will as being a mum I love that he wants my full attention, and I have wised up.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X