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So my last “No spend January” video is up on my main Youtube channel https://youtu.be/Ree9adtj7YM and it really helped me to look at my money in a different light in that it not about not spending, but cutting back on things and looking at all the stuff I already got and not buying anything more until I used everything up.

It made me see that there I things I like to enjoy, and that is no spending days which I began last year. I enjoy making my coffee, rather than someone else do it and I like instant coffee. I did want to buy some clothes, as I have decided that this year I won’t be buying any and wear what I have got and the same with skincare, and so would say to myself “I have enough”.

My February challenge is to look for deals on the items I plan on buying this month. and I have filmed one video already for this and will be posting videos on my Instagram and my main Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@typicallondongal once a week.

I like buying sensibly now and the part of a reset is managing your finances if you have debt like I have and it can really affect your wellbeing and cause anxiety. My financial goal for 2023 is to pay off my debts and have a target amount on what I want to save and I love hunting for deals and if I can find a product that is still as good, but get it for less than I normally pay for, I know that this is a good deal.

Building a life is investing on what you care about and I have had a bad relationship with money, because when I began working up in London I would be out in the evenings a lot, near Oxford Street in London and became a bit ruthless. Now I feel I am managing my money well again and think about what it is going to help me and feeling happy with spending money, but not gonna cause me to get stressed. When it comes to money it is good to have a plan and have a list. With the internet it is good to go through how much different items cost that you need and what you are willing to pay for items. Budget for me in very important and that has really helped me to get my good money habits back on track.

If you’d like to join me in this challenge then you can do and let me know how it went for you, and see how much we can save, and use it to buy what we have always wanted. I have a what I want to call, a Financial Wish, to take my son on a holiday and would love to take to Disney in Florida.

It is also good to get your kids involved to if you have children and why not have your friends and family involved too.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal