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Yes it is 2023 and my first challenge for this year for January is going to be no spending. Now yes I have been out and bought a few bits today, but they were items I needed, and it is not buying items that aren’t a need, and avoid the impulse buying. Plus I do have a birthday coming up, but have already reserved money for this and planning what I will be using my money for, like travelling that I do each day to wait at my son’s home to come home from school, food and that is what I did today and want to buy items for lunches to be a bit more healthier and be vigilant with what I want to put into my body.

I am not going to buy anymore clothes and wear what I have got and not spending money on coffees at a coffee shop. Making a small changes make a huge difference and doing no spending days, that I did last year really help prepare me, and it helped me manage my habit of buying coffee from a coffee shop and use instant or from the coffee machine I have where I live. I will be vlogging it and so will do this as of tomorrow as I should be able to speak as I have had a stinking cold, and just want to get over the first day.

I have just written my financial target to pay off my debts and almost paid one off, just got to make another two payments and then that is then complete, and all I have to worry about is my credit card, and so plan to pay off £1200 by the end of this year, by paying £1200.00, which will take my debts to zero. I feel so good about that, because debts has had an effect on my wellbeing and mental health.

All challenges have to lead to a good result that make you feel good about life. Getting as much out of life as much as possible and feel good about yourself and give you a buzz, and stir you on for building your life every year. Making good positive changes. I want to start running again and do some fundraising events and do a fitness class that helps me to fight fatigue and to help me build up my energy levels, to feel fitter and reduce my sitting down time.

I am trying stop having my phone near by all of the time, as it does make me procrastinate and has made me feel more present. I think we get so sucked in when it comes to social media so monitoring my phone habits, when I have tasks to do, having my phone away from me has made a difference and getting jobs done.

I am not sure what I plan for February, but going to see how my no spending January goes first, and looking at the thing I want to invest in and was going to book an exercise class, but got a bit nervous about doing so and so going to concentrate on not spending money on clothes and see how much I can save for items I want, and what I need and would like it to continue in being logical when it comes to money.

I have put together a set of Pins which has some Life coaching advice and tools to help, check out my life coaching tools I have put together on my Pinterest that may help you set some challenges for yourself, and have already putting items ready for my Life coaching programme, “2023 Project” too, so you can whilst you are there checks these pins too.

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