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It is new years eve and tomorrow it will be 2023, and soon it is all systems go again, but not gong to forget 2022, it has been okay for me. I am happy that I did complete the writing of my book I wrote about yesterday and going to make it a tradition that I publish a book by the end of each year to publish as I approach another year.

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I didn’t complete the writing of my Christmas book and want to make changes to it and so still got to achieve this goal and have a book about Christmas. Many may not believe in goals but I do, as I like challenging myself. It gives me such a good energetic feeling and looking over 2022 I really liked the challenging to read a book a month as I have read some really good books, check out my videos All About Books. I do video book reviews and due to do another as talk about the book I read and finished during the Christmas holidays.

Doing my reset and for Autumn and going to do another this year as it made me feel free. It is good to have space and I plan tomorrow to do part of it and film, so I will let you know if this happens, and I liked reaching out to you through my Life Coaching blogs. It was good to go through my emails and still got to do more to empty them out, and so yesterday did a big clear out as I have run out on storage on my google account.

This year I began writing newsletters and love putting these together and I am glad that you have liked them too.

Another year means more challenges to come and creating new habits this year, like not having my phone near my bed has made such a difference and making my bed each day. There is more I want to do, as they are helping me so much in making sure I look after my self aswell as other people and concentrating on what makes me happy.

So lets all have a good new year and celebrate a new year,

Happy new year everyone.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal