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We can all be somebody if we truly believe in ourselves, watching the world cup inspired me to write this post because we like me a lot of you may, doubt themselves, and for me I have always wanted to do something that I never thought I could do. I never thought I’d ever run and was just a thought and never thought I’d do the Great North Run, but there I was in 2008 doing just that. It made me see what I am capable of and everyone deserves a life they want and be the best at what they can be.

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Making small changes in your life can lead you to success and that can be doing a workout in the mornings and I have started to meditate each day and I never thought I’d write a book, even though it has been a childhood dream, and then I saw a programme on TV and it was someone talking about self publishing on amazon, and thought I’d like to do that, so when I had my son it inspired me to create The Parenting Adventures, check these out on Amazon under my married name Carrie Challoner and working on a new book called Mum&Me and editing as we speak and never thought I’d blog as this type of writing never was a thing as a child as there were no internet like there is today.

I know a lot of people are going to be struggling this year with the prices of things going up, but you can still have a life you love and that is to set a plan and if you wanted to write and publish a book then go for it, or run a half marathon, as it really helps with your wellbeing. They are just examples, because when I was working it inspired others to do the same and I loved that and people wanted to join me.

I never thought I would have people liking my blogs and it was reading a book that inspired me to start blog writing and everyday I getting likes and followers and it really feels my up with a lot of joy and build my life up even more.

Set yourself some quick and easy goals, like going for a walk each day and if you are looking for work then sit down and do plan to find that job you have always wanted and write a plan of how you want to get there. Tomorrow I am going to a Job Fair and if you contact the Jobcentre they can refer you and make an appointment for you to go. If you find out it is not what you want to do then that is fine, your only going to find out and see.

Think about year from now what do you want your life to look like?

Visualise and write it down. Set yourself challenges and these has really helped me and I have managed to get a lot done by breaking it down and focus on small tasks each day. I listen a lot to Mel Robbins and she writes just five things a day and I have found this very resourceful. So make challenges for yourself and small and then make them bigger each year.

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Carrie X

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