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I now use Sundays as a Reset and it really gives a kick start to the week ahead. I am not a massive fan of cleaning and so it does take a long to get myself to do it, but feel good once done and seen the results.

I use Sundays and Mondays to reset and that is clearing rubbish, go through lists not completed and just go through what I have done and what I do next.

It revaluates your life, as you can see what area of my life you need to work on, example for me I need to fit in time exercise more, and so I will go for a walk each day and once I get the message “Do a workout” that is exactly what I will do, and you can use exercise to reset your life.

Exercising has so many benefits. Example I find it gives me a good boost of energy and feel good about my body and how I feel about myself. I will make sure I give myself time to look after my skin and going through what I have that I still love and what I don’t.

I will vacuum my bedroom each week and do a bit of dusting, and just getting things in shape. I like space and allow myself time to gather my life and keep growing.

Spend time to journal and gather my thoughts and fears. Have time changing my bedding and just spend time working and building on different areas of my life.

It can be anything that is making you feel overwhelmed and you need more shape in your life.

So have time to reset your life and help you be in a positive mindset.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal