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Hwllo! I created my first video for my Summer Project 2021 so if you want to check this out then follow this link: Summer Project video.


This blog is about Helping others to be their own admire and giving credit to ourselves.

If we see good in us we see good in other people and you should spend time working on yourself.

Life can feel ike a long life sentence when we can’t stop giving ourselves a hard time, going throgh the problem you have with yourself? What really is bothering you?

You need to face it head on, look in the mirror and really observe yourself and then go though your life. Create something new into your life and going through the successes you had through your life, already. This is a great way to see, that you are worth thinking about and find photos of you and others that bring you happpiness and any photos of memories that is a cause of why you don’t feel good about yourself.

Is it due to a person, or bad habit, an addiction or you just don’t like what you see, when you look at yourself?

For me it was the latter I didn’t like looking at myself or hear my own voice. I would often hide away because of it and reallly demolish what I saw.

Yet if someone was saying those things to you, you wouldn’t stand for, so #BeKind to yourself, and see that everyone has qualities and be sponetanous.

Have an evening painting your nails, spend time rearranging you wardrobel and take pictures of different outfits you can create from your collection of clothes. treat yourself to having a new set of items to add, and change it up. Declutering is great, as it good chance to see what would help you look good in the mirror, if it is physical and have fun.

Example today as I write this blog I have the house to myself, so I decided to have a shower in the afternoon that I rarely have and put some indoor clothes on and so feel chilled and good about me, for a change.

Doing the same thing everyday can get on anyones nerves.

Create like I have to help with my confidence, a photobook via google of selfies to see when I don’t feel good to look so I do.

So be your admirer and will help you feel better and help you to love life rather than loath and give yourself credit.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X