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Hello and happy Thursday! This is going to be my first blog of my 30 days challenge I have set for myself to write on this site everyday for 30 days.

So what do I want out of this challenge? More for my viewers and followers of this site to read and to give support to help people make a success of their life and out of rut, to help people change their mindset to getting things done and just by making one change in your life that can make huge difference.

Doing these challenges really helps me to see that I can do and what I can get done and how can I help my blogs grow along with my audience. That is how I see you guests and so I want to create content that touches your heart, your mind and soul and work together to have a better year and life.

How many of us was getting frustrated cause of Lockdown? I bet it was a lot and now we have to now crawl our way back to sanity and carry one our lives keeping our distance for a while, but carry on as if nothings happened and try to make sense of our lives again.

My blogs are in real time and I will never cover of the cracks in my life but learn from them to have a better mindset than ever before.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X