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Hello and welcome! So in this weeks Monday post I am talking about 10 Ways of Creating a Life to remember.

To do that I what want to go through the things you still love in your life. Now when doing this be really true to yourself and don’t say it because you feel it is the right thing to say, but that is a true feeling inside of you, that you want those things still in your life.

It is more or less A DECLUTTER OF LIFE!

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So where to begin,

  1. I would write down people first, and I have made a Promise to myself to not allow Toxic people in my life anymore and if they want to be like it let them, I just don’t want them around me, as they are Toxic for a reason.
  2. Then declutter the memories of those people, and take pictures of the true people in your life, so your memory focuses on those and not ones of those that bought you down in your passed
  3. Then go through your possessions, and be Ruthless about it. I have a written a new EBook called Spice Up Your Life, and in it I talk about being Ruthless, and should be up tomorrow on Amazon.com under the name Carrie Lee Holmes
  4. Create a Wall Full of Happiness, where you have all the people who you love and in a place you can spend 5 to 10 minutes looking at, and why not in your bedroom or hallway you walk through a lot, and with a cup of coffee in your hand, look at it, before you begin your day
  5. Make some personalised items of your favourite photos and create a display of those things, but if you buy a mug for example you can use it in a functional way too, by using it as a Pen holder, but I would prefer to use it for a Coffee to be honest
  6. Develop a story of your life so far, by creating a photo book and of places you love travelling to and have a travel journal. Or the same as with the Happiness Wall, have a Wellbeing Gallery on a wall in your home
  7. Why not have your own Wall of Fame, and pictures of when you went on girl holidays and where you met the love of your life. It does feel good to be in love again, I think I need a bucket of cold water, but is that gonna stop me being in love? NO WAY!
  8. Why not learn a new skill and document it as you learn, by keepiing a journal and pictures
  9. Have your own desiginer clothes range or a series of self published books, as it can lead to so many opportunities
  10. Develop a programme full of possibility and hope, by doing rituals and new habits that will drive you through a better and successful life

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X