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There are many things that can stop us in our tracks, like the Pandemic, if you have had to stop working because of it and being furloughed, but if you are like me a blog writer and want to keep building your empire then crack on, as unlike most professions, blog writing can continue on, as you can’t spread COVID 19 through the computer, so stick to it.

If you run a business then remember that many people will be taking advantage of being lockdown by purchasing online, so consider this and if you don’t run your business online, then sit down and come up with a plan of how you can still run your business online.

If you are not technically minded when it comes to the internet then why not take the time off you have, to do some training. Some local libraries and stores such as Whsmiths are open, so why not go in there and see if there is a book you can buy to help you.

Employ if you can an assistant who can do the online work for you and do some research of different online platforms you can use to build your business online, and if you making items then remember there are some great online stores like Etsy,  shopify, Not on the high street.com, Amazon and Ebay.

You can create an online course for people to take if there is a profession that you want to share with people and help them develop skills in that area. I do mine on a the website: https://www.thinkific.com/

There are so many things you can do so why not sit down and go over how you can develop your business into an online empire instead.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X