If there was a pill that would make us naturally more productive, rather than sitting on the couch all the time, would you take it?

Of course we would, so how do you become more productive?

Here is Ten hacks to being more productive.

  1. Make your bed. Sounds simple, but it can be so easy to slip back in, if it is still all over the place, so make it as soon as you get up
  2. Write a to do list the night before and circle the items that need to be done first
  3. If you have tasks that take 2 minutes do them straight away
  4. Brush your teeth, no one likes a gammy mouth, and I hate talking to people knowing I have bad breath, so brushing your teeth helps you feel better about yourself and sets up the day
  5. Block time out to do things, so if you have ten minutes spare then mark it down, and then if you want to chill for that ten minutes before you continue your day then do so. Use Google Calendar as you can set alerts on your phones, helps keep track on tasks
  6. Listen to an audio book whilst you doing errands. I love doing this when doing some cleaning for examples, makes it seem less of a chore
  7. Learn to say “No” there is nothing worse than double booking yourself, so if you can’t make that party or that event say so, don’t leave people hanging, you wouldn’t like it, so neither will they
  8. Restrict your social media usage through out the day, as this can easily cause us to waste time, unless we are using it to promote our work if you to run a website, a blog or have a Youtube channel
  9. Set days a side to update your Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest account, I do and it helps make sure I don’t spend to long on each task
  10. Schedule time to check your emails, or do this whilst travelling on a bus or train some where, can help speed up the travel time.

So I hope you found this hacks useful and if you have any hacks then let me know by filling in the comment section below or filling in the form below.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X