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I live by a routine as it helps structure my day, with Henry going to school I have managed to find a good routine, so I know that the first thing is breakfast, then getting my son dressed ready for school and then leave the house to walk to school.

It just sets up my day and helps generate good habits.

For example making my bed everyday can really help set up my day, having that cup of tea in the morning, listening to that favourite song or doing my daily errands, that morning workout.

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Once you find a good routine, you can still be flexible, and be prepared for any surprises.

I write down my plan for each day, week at a time, or sometimes daily, depending on what I need to do.

Writing down the routine can help make you stick to it, and make space for other jobs that need to get done that may crop up.

We even have a routine for the evening, doing homework, TV, dinner and then bed time.

So do you have a routine? How has a routine helped you in the day?

I would love to hear.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X