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Life is full of hurdles, we go through some good times and some bad, and it is how you react to the bad times that can help you concentrate on the good.

I have been watching some inspiring videos of those with terminal illnesses, or have been fighting an illness, and I didn’t purposely go to watch these, I came across them via Youtube, and has made me put my own life in perspective.

The first person I started watching was a young lady called Emily Hayward, who was battling with cancer. She sadly lost her life only a couple of weeks ago, but her videos were so uplifting, that you kind of oversaw the illness she was facing. She made you understand what it is like to go through such a battle. She was such a fighter that I think how she came across and lived her life, will live on, and will help those who also fighting illnesses like cancer.

Please check out Emily Hayward Youtube Channel, her vlogs were great to watch and sad they will be no more.

I also came across a lady called Charlotte Eades who had a Brain Tumor. She developed a Youtube Channel not just about her fight with cancer, but her love for beauty, fashion and handbags. She filmed way up until she died, and her family have carried on making videos to help others and helped to raise money to help those with brain tumors, so more research can go into brain related cancer.

I then came across some videos called My Last Days, first one is of a girl named Kat who was battling Gastric Cancer. To warn you some scenes you might find distressing, but wanted to share it, as her story is so inspiring and she has a wonderful surprise at the end, and does something for a little boy whom had leukemia.

Then I came across a girl named Claire Wineland, who also has a Youtube channel. See her story below.

Life is full of challenges, but seeing things from someone else eyes can really help you face those challenges, not allow them to predict how you feel.

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Carrie X