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Every new year now I no longer make resolutions. Instead I make life changes.

I find that changing it to that, helps me to stick to those changes.

I may fall off the rails from time to time, but I will always pick myself up and carry on.

life is full of hurdles and there will be times when I think “Why, why do I want to make this life change?” example my fitness.

From time to time, I have felt like throwing in the towel “No I don’t want to do any today, but then I feel anxious, like I haven’t accomplished much and get stuck in this battle with myself”.

As soon as I exercise whether it is running, walking or working out to a DVD at home, I am reminded why.

  • I feel I have more energy
  • I instantly feel like I have more time
  • I feel I can take on the day ahead
  • I become more relaxed, and laid back, instead of worrying all the time.

The one thing I am doing this year that I will change in my life, is to get ahead of myself. Hence why if you check out my websites below you will see I have written blogs about Valentines Day:




The other thing I have done this year, is keep a fitness journal diary, aswell as my pesonal Filofax I use to bullet journal my training. I have a book for my fitness diary/journal and created a fitness diary in blog form.

I decided to do this, not to preach about fitness, but show how I go about it, the dilemmas I may face, but to show people it is okay. We assume as people we have to be this ideal perfect person of ourselves. Yet it can often be that we are chasing something that is impossible, which is being perfect.

Fact: No one is perfect and everyone’s definition of what is perfect is different, so you’ll never be that. What you can be is yourself and build on that.

. It is okay I know I will get those days where the old mindset of not wanting to workout, will try and fight its way back in, but I got to be strong and say “No this is what I need to help me feel good, to help me achieve all my goals in my life I set”

My point is, if I can do even if it is 5 minutes of training so can you.

That is not impossible. 

It isn’t about being someone else or changing completely, but something that will help move you to the next chapter in your life and claim the things you know you deserve.

Change your mindset.

If you want something get it. Don’t sit back, what if you knew you could get what you wanted in a day?

What would you do?

I have realised in order for me to feel body confident and get the size and shape I want to be, I need to be a bit more stricter with myself when it comes to fitness and my diet. I got to stop thinking “I can eat that cake, I’ll burn it off, no problem” I know I have been a bit reckless, and this has at the same time effected how I feel about myself, making me feel like I have less energy, not liking my image game.

I do not want to go down that road again, I know I deserve more, and so do you

So I am gonna take my diet and fitness more seriously, as I want to be more importantly a good role model to my son. I want him to have a well balance diet, but I know for him to have that I have to set an example.

When I see a chocolate bar and want to eat it, I now think “How will that make me feel later on?” Regretful. Not a good place to be. How will this look like to Henry, what message am I sending?

I am not saying, that I won’t have any, just not so much.

In relation to this I will be working out each day. So far in the week I am sticking with that, but finding weekends tricky but determined to stick to my life change and to find time at the weekends. If you want to know what I do I work in Customer Service.

I am giving up crisps. I made a choice, chocolate or crisps, and I chose crisps. Easy for me, and I don’t actually feel it is a massive lose.

The other is be financially free. I do have debts, and I am keeping a Debt Diary, to help me address my spending issue and to get my debt cleared. Again I want to use this so when I am financially free, I can say how I did it to help others. Use my negative situation into a positive and to help make sure it happens.

I have been watching a lot of Grant Cardone. If you don’t know who he is, here is a taster of one of his videos which got me first watching him. He gives some really good tips on how to get the job you want. Another life change for me this year, to create more income and to build towards getting the career I want.


He to me is a business man Guru, a Messiah in his field. He is also very funny, and gives some great tips about creating more income.

As money gets higher in value, the value of money you earn in your job, like mine will working in customer service, will decrease .The value of items such as clothes and shows, will start to increase in price, and so it is important to build a better income.

The one tip that really sits in my head is:

Only save unless you are doing it to reinvest

It’s not about how much money you have at the moment, but what you can create and build towards having.

So my last life change now, for myself and is to build a higher income for myself and get that job I want, in the process.

Changes you make shouldn’t be about the New Year, but things you do that will change your life for the better.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X