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So you have gone through your habits, you have tidied different spaces of your home and now you feel like you can’t do more. So that means it is time to take some time off and so in this blog I am going to give ideas of How to have a good day off.

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  1. Switch off your devices. I do this a lot now and the day I mainly do this, is Saturdays. I often get tempted to write a blog or film a video, but I remind myself I have my son to think about and so this is the day I spend a lot of time with my son and nothing substitutes that. The only thing I do like is to post on my Instagram but then the rest of the day I will watch some morning TV, and go outdoors and just spend time having fun
  2. Have a homely day. Just spending time watching a movie or episodes of the your favourite shows can really be a good way to unwind for the whole family, but then get your kids to make dinner for a change. One thing I will have my son do at some point. As a kid when I could reach the kitchen tables and basins, I would wash up and make a cup of tea, whilst my parents watched some TV they liked. I would spend ages as a kid washing up and playing, and make it fun, by using a funny sponge and if they complete the task then they get to choose what they want to do, in terms of playing.
  3. Set a date. Yes choose a date in your diary to book holiday for a day and have a Personal Day, and this could be meeting friends for a meal or a coffee, and go shopping or for a long walk somewhere. It is good after having a day where you have just not stopped resetting your life and taking a day helps to reset even more. Rest is just as important when it comes to a reset, as it can effect the motivation and so take breaks in between and set a time to rest is a must for me
  4. Travel to see family you don’t always get to see. I think visiting family and friends regularly so important for you and if you have kids make it a must that I make the effort and good way to do something and see different people on occasions does wonders for your wellbeing.
  5. Use the weekends for all of the above. If you are not able to do anything during the week because of the school run, running errands to help do a reset, then take a day off then. Each Sunday now I will take Henry to our local gardens and he will use his scooter whilst I sit and watch or walk round with him, and I know this may not suit everyone’s idea of having a day off, but because I travel a lot in the week, then doing this on a Sunday is such a joy.

Doing a Reset is not breaking you neck, but to put things back into place, developing a good routine, which includes some time to do other things, and being able to just unwind as said and putting your feet for a bit.

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Carrie X

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