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I can be one lazy bitch when I want to be, but now I have started to see that I can still have those days but schedule them in, and still continue with my good habits as I take a day off, and since becoming a mum that has altered a lot. I often have forgotten to have lazy days.. I no longer spend time travelling to watch a Rugby League team I used to follow and no longer go up into central London for a drink, but as I write this I still want to do this and be on my own, but making sure I stay safe if I do that. It will take a lot of courage but feel I need to do at some point to break the fear of it.

Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.com

I have found that I can still be lazy but dressed, like now I have changed into shorts after being out wearing leggins as I have to wear cycling shorts under my everyday shorts when walking and moving, to stop chaffing, but they are in the laundry basket so now I am at my desk and going spend the day working, chilled and fully relaxed in my shorts, and going to have a blissful day.

That for me is what is important. We all need those times to take it easy, and whilst shopping, buying food I had to catch myself from rushing, because today I didn’t need to, but rushing becomes a habit that can cause burnout so I rein myself in and take my time.

I remember when working in a call centre and there was a lady there called Mrs Rush Rush, because I would talk fast, walk fast and be on my toes running around so I could be back at my desk taking more calls, and complete my day. I felt worn out, like numb by the end of the day. I would have anger issues, because of taking unhappy calls and it would drain me. I felt like I couldn’t talk anymore and would go home to my husband in a mood.

Again this became a habit. Now I slow down. I don’t need to rush and have always been good at time keeping so needed not to rush. That is why I need lazy days, so I can unwind and forget the rush and just be in my element. My laptop, youtube, TV and a good book.

When I travel I often finding myself running for the bus, when I have left myself time to, if I miss it to get the next one. I don’t need to run but the city girl within me, being in London often will set in. Yet once on the bus I will be happy reading my book and chill before my son comes home from school.

With the summer holidays I have tried to chill too. My son is not a fast walker but he has bags loads of energy and often have to think on my feet, and that is not easy.

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So now I will make sure I take a lazy day and catch up on a good TV series, watch a series of videos and I love watching documentaries and sport, so I make time to do that, and yes having a better life, is to spend time with yourself and the things and people you love, without the rush and losing ourselves in everyday busyness.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X