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Yes Monday has come around again, and this week am going to organize a storage box by my desk, to tidy it up, and put on some laundry and vacuum, and going to wash a towel and then going to start my day by going through what needs to be completed and then get items ticked off on my this weeks list and go through my other lists written. Yes I am a lady of lists, and I enjoy creating them, and make sure there are no loose ends to be tied up. I to have blogs finished, along with videos that need to be edited and uploaded and working on my books, too.

You can find my books on amazon, under the names, Carrie Challoner, Carrie Lee Holmes and Carrie Holmes.

I did do part of it yesterday and cleared a bag of Poundland items which I showed in my 2nd Quarter Haul, and as I carry on this blog I have sorted out the storage bin near my desk and does look a lot better, but has made me realise I need to stop buying notebooks. Do you have too much of something? It can take over and so I need to rein myself in and take a look at what I have got.

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My goal that I am going to set myself is to “Use what I have” and only buy what I need. I do like days where I don’t spend money. I find that it is a relief and so do need to get myself together, and NO MORE NOTEBOOKS, until I have finished using what I have got.

Lets hope I can stick this, and will report back.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X