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On Thursday it was World Book Day, and my son dressed like a mouse because of the book called, Gruffalo, one of his favourite books and reads the story himself.

We can get so much from it and celebrate the great writers of the world and what we can learn from them. Being a writer myself it can take time to write a book, and it often gets forgotten how long it takes, and I think we have gotten into the place in this world where anyone can write one, and it can be a kids or an adult book, but connect with people and you can learn so much.

Like the book Wild, which became a film, with Reece Wetherspoon and where she walks the Crest Trail and is a true story and she comes across a lot of hurdles but she needed to do it to help go over her life, as she had gotten into drugs, and shows how drugs can effect the mind, and how you can overcome the things that have happened in the passed.

I discovered Harry Potter books when I was sleeping in a member of my families room and they were there and, I just picked it up on a whim, and once I started to read the first one I couldn’t stop, and reaching out to people via book is so rewarding for both the writer and the reader.

I love a variety of books, like thrillers, true stories, comedy and chick flicks and detective books. I like books based in the 40’s, or before then or after, and just love now travelling on the bus and read, with a coffee in my hand and I feel comfort from them.

A book has to be good from the start to finish, and really resonate with me and gets in touch with my emotions. Reading a book is a great habit to have, and I love buying books and being given books as gifts, or just because that person handing the book over, had recommended the book to me and really good to form friendships. I used to lend books to colleagues and someone gave me some books that they never read. These were all books by Tony Robbins which I still need to finish reading.

So lets celebrate books and how they can teach us so much without a certificate in the subject but learned different things, and how to get started when reading and writing, and remember the simple ideas can be the greatest thing you have done.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X