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Hello and welcome! This is continuing on my Project Life coaching programme and moving it to the summer and so I will writing content and creating videos for my Summer Project 2021, which will have tips of wellbeing, productivity, summer habits and setting goals for yourself in the summer.

I have created a Printable to kick start it. I am still gonna create printables for the Happy Journal I have been helping you to put together as I keep a happy journal and it can be a reali lifet to your wekllbeing and is centred around getting away from COVID and build ourselves up for the Summer and then will be doing more come Autumn and Winter but diffeerently.

Check out this printable and it is free of charge to kick start it.

I want you to go throgh your wellness now and what is contributing to your life that you feel you are neglecting from yourself.

It is all about being free with regret and guilt and being happy, even in the summer rain and Sunshine.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blogs and can’t wait to work with you all more.

Carrie X