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I am going to do a series of posts which will have a free printable so you can start creating a Happiness Journal either by printing it out in A5 for a filofax, to stick into a notebook, to develop your own EBook and to print it out in A4 aswell, as you may want to attach them to a vision board or a fridge. I have put together on Youtube two play lists, one is my Life coaching vids and another of other peoples videos that I wanted to add to my tools and information for Life Coaching to help you to have a better life and a better year.

So in this one I have a front cover sheet in A5 and A4 and a happy tracker sheet in these sizes too:

You can even create your own cover for the Happiness Journal print outs.

It is addressing anything that seems to pull you down and makes you feel unworthy or inadequate, pointless and illimunating the negativity so we can put it a place that you know its there but not going to effect you.

Check out my Playlist of my Life Coaching Videos and others I have saved that can help you, that have helped me too.

Playlist 1: My Lifecoaching videos and advice

Playlist 2: Others Life coaching videos

Happiness was said to not be reachable and it is impossible to be happy, but I disagree, everyone wants to be happy. Some may go about it the wrong way, but that is what us humans always want.

So keep following me and if you think my blogs on this site will also help a friend or relative that you know then please give us a shout out.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X