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So I bet you have heard the sad news about Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh who has sadly passed away.

He has been the Queens husband since over 60 years or so, and they have been a unit. So Who can A Prince of the Throne, Prince Philip, How his rein can inspire us all? Find good relationships, that are solid and you are on the same page. I have been in a unhappy relatiionship, and it was obvious as i had gone back into my shell, my life as i once knew it, had been swept beneath my feet, and was a shy unconfident girl again.

There are people who will bring the best out of you and those who don’t. It can often feel like a never ending battle ground, and constantly having to fight your case all of the time.

I am sure that the Queen and Philip had wanted a different life sometimes being in the public eye and wanting more privacy, but they never let the side down. I know there was a dispute when Lady Diana died, but we saw what happened there in the end. The tabloids can twist and turn people’s mind, and even me who loved the Royal Family and for a bit I too went against them to. This is another lesson to learn, is never listen to Gossip as often it is false news and the press being spiteful again,

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Being a royal, it can be lonely at times, and the Queen would have never chosen any man to spend her life with, and many thought even me that he had in his younger days of being a Prince Strayed, but knowing the truth looking back on this thought, no. The Queen would not have stood by him or the other way round if that had been the case.

The other thing we can be inspired by Prince Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh Award which many kids at my Secondary school did and I look back, in that I wished I had been part of that. It was set up for young people to survive the outdoors and doing many independent skills and loads of the kids when I was at school who did this, would share their trips away and doing this award, and they would be full of adventure and funny stories.

We should be doing all we can to help young people in becoming independent warriors of the world. I write these blogs to help young people aswell as adults to build their lives up when like me being an estate kid, was destined to being a cleaner, which I have done or doing a 9 to 5 job, which again I have done, but knew I was destined for something else.

That is another thing I take from the Royal Family and someone like The Duke of Edinburgh and listen to your gut instinct and never allow haters to take away a great thing in your life and not everyone is put on this earth to work in the normal often seen,, way of living.

Many of us are destined for a different journey. So, your Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh, I toast you with a cup of coffee as he was very much a Tea and Bourbon Biscuit kind of a guy, of your rein. Lord Live the King and The Head Prince of the Monarchy.


Carrie L.M X