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My life changes for this year is to get back into my fitness regime as I had been neglecting and I know I need to get back on track for my health, as I was diagnosed this year 2018 as having Type 2 Diabetes.

My life changes include financial changes to, and going to a NO BUY days, and see if I can do a NO BUY year for 2019 and save up to £500.

Pay off any debts, and allow myself a realistic weekly budget.

Its important for me to make life changes to start a fresh each year and season. It helps me to grow and develop myself and I know I will feel better once I have seen my financial status grow.

I also want to keep and creating new changes to my blogs and have created a Printables page on my website Carrierealworld.com, which completely free to use. I will be adding new printables each month so keep a watch out for those.

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Life changes should be given different categories, Personal, financial, health and wellbeing, family and spiritual for example. You can create your own categories, but separating them out really helps me to remain focused and keep to those changes.

Check out this video by Actualize.org

So lets set ourselves some goals for 2019 that will change our life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X