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As I have grown through the years, now I am 40 years of age I have incorporated some daily habits that set me up through the days, weeks and months.

The first thing I always do is get out of bed and dressed, unless it is the weekend and I allow myself some time just in my PJ’s as I see the weekend as my personal time, where I can do what I want, with the exception I have to look after my son of course he is priority.

The second thing that I incorporate is Youtube, or listening to podcasts in the morning and through out my day, they really help get my motivational juices going and where I get my inspiration for my blogs and books from.

Thirdly going for a walk even if it is to my son’s school and back or through the local park, grab a coffee on the way and let my thoughts roll through my mind.


Fourth thing is making my bed, it really does help set up the day and makes sure once I am up, I am up out of bed for good, even though there are still days I may sneak back into bed occasionally, but I still get my work done.

Cleaning the house is important to me too, and having and sort through, potter around putting bits and pieces away, really helps with my days and clear the mind.

Brushing my teeth and exercising at home is also a daily occurrence that I like to add into my days and gets me on the move and stop procrastinating.

Plus planning, without planning I wouldn’t be able to function at all, and is what I do on a daily basis so I know, where I am heading and what needs to be done.

So what your daily habits I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X