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To say I love music is an understatement as every bed time and morning I will spend some time listening to music. I would not live without it.

I have taken breaks from it, but I always go back. In this Inspiring stories I want to talk about the World Of Music, and Excellent writing of songs.

What a song can say to you is personal and can really touch the heart and because even as a kid I have listened to music on my pink record player and then a Hi-Fi, it is hard for me to be specific choosing one out of so many. Writing music has been my love and no many have not been heard by anyone else, and its songs like the Greatest Love of all for example is talking about loving our kids of the world and there is no better love as a parent and as a child.

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Roy Orbison is for me a prime example who have used music to talk about his life and he did a lot of love songs, and they are so timeless and I have listened to his music a thousand times no lie, and they still feel brand new.

The song Beautiful and I find hard to listen too, but an amazing song, and I was in a bad way last year, that this song reaches me like none other and will always play that apart of my life out. I was having a breakdown, which is the only thing I can call it, but was in the wars, and a song I play when I feel love is slippering away.

A song to me has to give me empowerment and self belief, being someone who struggled wit confidence, and the music Roy Orbinson wrote was in the 60’s and got number ones all over the world, with his amazing voice and lyrics.

Whrn it comes to music I am not someone who plays one type but a load of songs, from Classical to Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Status Quo is still the band that brings the best out of Rock ‘n’ Roll in this era, along with Cliff Richard and Frankie Valli, and they brought a different type of Rock ‘N’ Road, writing music with films and the Bee Gees with their disco tracks for Saturday Night Fever.

My favourite song from the film Grease is the song Hopelessly Devoted and Grease is the word, as it still a great film I love watching and the music is still playe today, as now we have the music stage production too. This is how far music can stretch and why it is in all our lives.

Music really established itself in life gone back when King Edward times and the first song to be played was back in the states and grew across the boarder, and then in Britain it was instruments like the recorder, the fiddle and the violin that were played and in Britain it was drumkits, eletctric guitars, acoustic and now everyone listesns to it, and from looking back it is amazing how it has evolved.

So, choose a song that makes you think and address issues in your life and write a song that you have always wanted to write and make it personal and in touch with you and your love ones.

Many thank for reading,

Carrie X