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Hello and welcome! This is a post I want to create to talk about How People have created magic when really it could have flopped.

Michael K. Williams Quote: “The most successful people reach the top not  because they are free of limitations, but because they act in spite of  thei...”

So, I normally I will talk about singers, actors, royality, presenters of TV shows and have built up their lives as a life coach. One being Tony Robbins for example. Who else has changed how we go about ourlives?

Philip Schofield who went from being in the broom cupboard on children’s TV to musicals. Joseph and the technicolour dreamcoat and was the first presenter of kids TV that crossed that line and he turned people’s heads. “How can he be in a musical when he would introduce children’s TV and talk to puppets like Gordon the Gopher and Ed the duck?”

Well by being wellknown and becoming a household name. It seemed at the time, that he was surprised he was wanted by Andrew Llloyd Webber, and it was a risk, yet it worked and did change how we saw people on TV. This is not having two many eggs in one basket.

The film philadelphia bought home how Aids was was percieved when it first came about. How prejudice people would get about someone with HIV, yet it won oscars and was Tom Hanks and the writers that bought it into the light, and made it to one of the most famous films of the world.

There was then the Spice girls who were so different to each other and they broke records with their songs and I remember when living in a housing estate seeing girls copying their dance moves. Their pictures would be advised on bus stops and buses, and made a film and got to meet Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela.

Linford Christie and Usain Bolt. Linford was bought up where I was, Hammersmith and was the most successful athlete of all time for Great Britain and England, and Usain Bolt a local Jamican who slept in a hut for most of his life and family was poor.

This teaches me that, just because on paper it says you will end up cleaning streets, doesn’t mean that you will. If there are miles of stones to cross that strength and determination can create magic wherever you go.

It is about being different and standing out and people who create magic do it because they create things like songs that last a lifetime and films. Its created a life that is possible and that you lived like a person already successful.

Magic can be created by anyone and so challenge yourself to create magic as if you’re already doing so.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X