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This blog is all dedicated to my love of Music and as I write it I just tweeted a song of Andy Gibb, called “I just want to be your everything” and Beegees “Secret Love”.

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I loved family bands from a kid and yet their songs are still so current and people remember the names of those in the band and every song they wrote and I always would image me being part of them. I don’t think me and brother would have formed as a band as we are totally different and we argued no lie everyday and had fights a lot as kids, and so glad we never, but doesn’t mean I never dreamed of this being possible and yet often there would be rivalry in family bands, learning about them now I am older and can understand why that was.

This is blog though is not to talk about that side of things because I want this blog to celebrate family bands and about the songs they made and the success they still have today.

So the first one for me was Five Star, and then in the 1987 was when I first discovered the Bee Gees “You win again” and lucky I had a dad who then introduced me to Saturday night fever as this was played a lot in my home and I loved the dance moves and I still listen to Five Star my favourite one being “System Addict” and “Rain or Shine” and had their single records and cassette tapes.

Then there was the Nolans who were a group of sisters who were massive back in the 70′ and 80s and still going but due to Cancer, Bernie lost her life and two others, Linda and Anne are fighting it too, but still household names and were like a normal set of siblings who made it big time in music and still have performed in recent years at the London Palladium. Then of course the Osmonds and including their sister, Marie became stars along with the Jackson 5 and I again I have been to discos whrere their music was playing and everyone was always up dancing to their everlasting music.

I first heard of the Nolans when I would go to a holiday camp in clacton as a small child and I would listen to “I’m the mood for dancing” all day sometimes as my dad loved this song too and I even have the 90’s remix version of the song in cassette and so when my dad would be out I would sneck in the living room to play some of his music too, including this song.

Now it is the 2000’s there aren’t any that I know of, of current family bands and wonder if there will be again a family band in music or has this trend gone now?

Only the world can decide that and I miss a family band and I know there have been family trying to make it big on shows like The Voice, X-Factor and Britains Got Talent, but yet not really made it.

So lets hope that soon there will be a new set of family groups, but still keeping in our minds those that are still alive and well and their music has lived on for longevity and rarely “One hit wonders”. Hence why I love them still today.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X